Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ARC: Targeted by Katie Reus

So, I stayed up way late (way passed midnight) to finished Targeted by Katie Reus, which happens the first book in her new series Deadly Ops. First off, this book is awesome. I have read other books by Katie, but I really believe this takes the cake. Now romantic suspense books can be a fickle creature. Here's some my reasons: 1) Sometimes they can be too much action and not enough romance or sexual tension. 2) Too much romance and not enough action. Very fine line when it comes to suspense. However, Katie does a fantastic job keeping everything in balance.

In the story we meet Jack Stone, but he hasn't always been Jack Stone. When he was younger he was known as Sam Kelly. However, life isn't always fair, so he figure it would be a good start to end Sam's life and begin a new life as Jack Stone. Granted there is more to reason why he becomes Jack, and that would give too much away.

Now Sophie finds herself in the middle of a bad situation. That's putting it nicely. Let's be honest, heads are about to roll with the information she has found. While Sophie tries to inform her boss on what she has found, she ends up in serious trouble. The only person that's really trying to help is Jack, but she's not sure if she should really trust him.

I telling you this books is filled with action from the get go. Danger is everywhere. Sophie just tries to do the right thing, but ends up in a middle of a huge mess. Jack is trying to get pass the past and part of the key is Sophie. However, Jack finds himself drawn to her more than ever, and finding it hard to focus on the task at hand. Sophie is extremely attracted to Jack is unsure why, because the last guy she was even remotely attracted like that was Sam.

LOVED this book and I can't wait to see what will happen with the next book. We meet a couple of the characters, but not sure what to really think of them. They could be good guys or bad, your kind of left wondering what's going to happen to the next book. I hope I don't have to wait so long for the next book. Bottom line this book is filled with action and danger with your romance. If you are looking for a new romantic suspense, you might want to give Targeted a go.

Favorited Quote:
"Mandy's description of "yummy" was so very incorrect. A cupcake is yummy. This man was like a decadent triple chocolate truffle cake with chocolate shavings sprinkled on top."

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