Friday, August 31, 2012

eARC: How to Disgrace a Lady by Bronwyn Scott

Today's selection is How to Disgrace a Lady by Bronwyn Scott. Which this is from the Rakes Beyond Redemption miniseries from Harlequin.

What's the story is about:

Merrick St. Magnus, the second son of the Marquis of Crewe. Gotta love second sons, nothing but wastrels who love to gamble and sleep around. After all they are entitled to do, there just the spare.

Lady Alixe Burke, the daughter of the Earl of Folkestone. A self-proclaim bookworm, who believes herself firmly on the shelf. After all who wants to marry a blue-stocking girl of 26.

The first time Merrick and Alixe encounter each other is at the pond on the estate. Let's just say it's not one you'll ever forget. Merrick is intrigued by Alixe and would like to get to know her a little better. Alixe is leery of Merrick, and rightly so he lives up to the spare's motto.

One night Merrick is hanging out with the guys, when Archibald Redfield offers to make a wager with Merrick. Now this guy is a schemer, and with all schemers up to no good. He's been trying to persuade Alixe to marry him, but she doesn't trust Redfield at all. So, Redfield figures he could use Merrick to obtain Alixe.

However, his plan backfires when Merrick doesn't run away from the estate and decides to help Alixe to become the toast of society. An offer he couldn't refuse, after all it would let him remain a bachelor as long as he can launch Alixe as a success.

The more time they spend together, the more they realize there might be more to there relationship. However, will Merrick sacrifice his bachelorhood for Alixe? Or will there be another to swoop in and take her?

My thoughts:

The story started out really strong. I love the relationship between Merrick and Alixe as the story went on. However, towards the middle I was starting to get bored with it and was struggling to finish the story. It wasn't bad, it was just slowing down. However, towards the ending it started to pick up. I have to say I really liked the ending and thought it was cute. I'm curious how the rest of the miniseries will go, so I might have to read the next installment. I guess I'm sucked in, which happens from time to time.
If How to Disgrace a Lady interests you, I would go check it.

So, happy reading whatever you're reading!

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