Tuesday, August 28, 2012

License to Thrill by Stephanie Bond

Okay, last night I was able get through Stephanie Bond's License to Thrill. Oh my what a fun witty read. Here's a quick sum up of what's it about:

James Donovan is a former British secret agent. Yep, you know that's sexy and don't lie. James was asked to help  transport a possible valuable item to the states for a friend/former lover.

Kat McKray a museum curator has been asked to examine the documents James has travel with. Kat has her doubts about the authenticity of the papers.

James can't pass up the opportunity to get to know the little curator a little better. After all he is a playboy secret agent. She tries to resist his charm, but caves into going to dinner with him.

They have a charming time. After all is said and done they depart ways. This is where the story starts to turn into the mystery. Sometime after midnight, someone steals the papers and the blame is place on Kat. Oh no, right. With no alibi to help her out, she could be facing serious jail time. Will James come to the rescue of Kat or will he go on his merry way?

Yep, that's right I liked this quick read. I mean first off, who doesn't love an ex-british secret agent who drips with charm and sex appeal. If that doesn't scream hero, I don't know what does. I actually like that  you couldn't figure out who the real culprit was until the end. I mean you have all these possible suspects and they each can be found guilty. So, if you get a chance to check this out License to Thrill, you might enjoy this quick fun witty read. I like it, but that's my opinion.

So, happy reading!


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