Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweet Enemy by Heather Snow

I'm so excited to tell you about this book. I actually read this book when it first came out back in February. I had just started my twitter account and my blog wasn't even a thought yet. It was the time where I had my running list of romance novels I read with comments (looking back at the list I turned into a slacker). Well, the list of books started to get out of control and couldn't keep the list up. Sorry I'm digressing here, let me back to the point. I read this book and loved it. However, Heather's new book had just came out at the beginning of the month and I just couldn't remember the main points of the first one, so I decided to re-read Sweet Enemy. Here's what's it about:

We have Miss Liliana Claremont who lost both her parents at a tender young age. Basically grew up as an orphan. I know, sad. Instead of opening up to everyone and anyone she closed herself off and becomes very interested in chemistry and the effects on things. Mainly, she looked for a way to help people with science.

However, something happens to cause her to look into the death of her father more closely. Which she needed to go undercover to find the answers at a house party at the Earl of Stratford's home. She managed to secure an invite via her aunt, who love to see her married off.

Geoffrey Wentworth, Earl of Stratford, would like nothing more than to stay in town and focus on trying to help his fellow soldiers. However, that's not going to happen with a conniving mother. Which, she manage to get all the key power players that he needs to secure this act to come his house party that he's hosting (by the way didn't know till he answered his mother's summons). Now Geoffrey is stuck at a house party with a gaggle of women, who all want to be next Countess of Stratford, except for one.

Liliana is on a mission to find answers to a burning question, "Who killed her father?" Believing she could fly under the radar from everyone, especially the Earl. You got to love when a plan goes out the window. Geoffrey and Liliana find themselves drawn to each other. Will Liliana find the answers she's looking for or will she be disappointed to find the answers? Can Geoffrey and Lilian's relationship survive this? I guess you will have to read the story to find out.

Now my thoughts: I still LOVE this book. It made me laugh and cry. So, much fun. You have to love a heroine who is not afraid to be her true self, even when it's truly unpopular to be a "bluestocking kinda gal." The hero is fabulous too. I mean when he stands up to his mother on the choice to take Liliana as his wife when he should have picked a docile wife that would do anything he says without question. Truly a great read and I'm excited to get to dive into Heather's next book. So, I hope you get a chance to check this book out.

Happy reading!

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