Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Taming of the Wolf by Lydia Dare

Yep, I just finished The Taming of the Wolf by Lydia Dare. Ok, it's the second time reading this book and I have to say I really love it. I mean it was a lot of fun to re-read again. So, here is a glimpse of the book and what I thought of the story.

First off there's always trouble awaiting when the moon is full and a Lycan sitting in a study by himself. Caitrin Macleod couldn't sleep, so she wonders into the Duke's study looking for something to help her sleep. Low and behold she finds Dashiel Thrope, the Earl of Brimsworth, in the study alone. In the previous book he was a very bad puppy if you remember, and if you haven't read the story, "What's taking you so long?"

Anyways. Well, under the moon light Caitrin looks delish and Dashiel couldn't resist and ends up bitting her. Your thinking, what's wrong with him? I know, I know, what was he thinking? You know, those animal instincts tend to kick into high gear when the moon is full. And, the story begins after that little nip.

So, you know by now I have re-read this story. Loved it. I mean it was good the first time, but I think its even better the second time. I really love how the author sets up for future stories. She is continually building and I really can't wait to re-read the other stories, because they're fantastic.

Anyways, Dashiel and Caitrin are a perfect match for each other. I mean they are both stubborn as all can get at it. It is a lot of fun to read to characters that are so bull-headed that they have to come together. Once they do come together, they are both willing to compromise to make each other happy. Definitely, a fun read and worth the time. So, I hope y'all get a chance to read this book.

So, I hope y'all are having a great day and happy reading.


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