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eARC: A Season to Remember (an anthology)

Another anthology from my favorite ladies. This go around we have A Season to Remember by Ava Stone, Catherine Gayle, Jerrica Knight-Catania, and Jane Charles. If you have read any of the previous anthologies you would remember some of the characters. If not that's ok. This time they are focusing on Louisa Whitton and the Bartlett family. Trust me it's an adventure to read. So, here is my quick overview of each of the stories and my thoughts:

Devil in Her Dream
Jane Charles

Everyone believes the perfect husband for Louisa is a vicar. However, she doesn't want to succumb to that fate. Plus, she's afraid her grandfather might marry her off to some poor sap that she doesn't really like. After all he still has a special license with her name on it.

Devlin Bartlett, Viscount Marston, has three sisters he needs to marry off before he can settle down and start his own family. However, that is all foiled when he meets Louisa Whitton and is charm by her. Yet, it seems Devlin brings out the worse of Louisa. Is it possible for Devlin to realize he needs Louisa before it's to late?

My thoughts: It's always fun when family and friends join the crusade to fix you up with the guy of your dreams. Does it always work? No, but in a story it has too, right?  I love how everyone pictures Louisa as one thing, yet they really don't know her. Still Devlin is able to see past the facade.

To Enchant An Icy Earl
Catherine Gayle

Earl of Fordingham is trying to mend fences with his brother is not having any success. If you had read any of the Duke's Summons you will remember Tristan Cavendish had a falling out with his brother Wesley.

Anyways, Calista Bartlett heartbroken from a previous attachment to Lord Ellis decides she doesn't want anyone like him. So, she takes matters into her own hands, which would be out of character for her.

She approaches Lord Fordingham and basically begs him to ask for an introduction from her chaperone. I know shocking and fast of the girl. Not sure what brought it on and if he would actually carry through. Shock by the request and follows through. Now the question is will this carry on to a real courtship? Or just end after the introduction? Another good question would be can Fordingham mend the bridge with his brother?

My thoughts: Lord Fordingham is such a boor in the story. Yet, you can't help but like the guy, because he knows what he wants and go afters it. A lot of people don't like heroes who are like that. However, I think its character building, especially when they fall in love. Those types are usually the ones to fall hard. I love how Calista took matters into her own hands.

My Lord Hercules
Ava Stone

Lord Harrison Casemore is not a gentleman with a pristine reputation. However, when he sees something that's not right he will take matters into his own hands, especially when he finds a young lady dress in mens garb.

Miss Miranda Bartlett is worried about a friend and will do anything to find out the truth. Even if it calls for her to dress like a gentleman and enter a seedy gaming hell.

By luck, Harry finds Miranda and basically rescues her from disaster and sends her on home. You would think this was the end of the story. No, no, no, it's just the beginning. Can Harry be the hero Miranda needs? Or just fade away into the sun set or in this case the morning light?

My thoughts: For one thing, you have to love when a girl is willing to risk her reputation for a friend. I mean that's loyalty at its finest. Then you have the hero who doesn't have the best reputation, yet will take on the world for the girl. If that doesn't scream love, I don't know what does.

A Penny for Your Thought
Jerrica Knight-Catania

Finally we arrived to Penelope Bartlett, the youngest sister of the Bartlett family. Just barely out and she is feeling a little down. After all, a lot has happen during the year. First her older brother and father passed away. Then her other brother gets married and both her sisters get engage. That's a lot to take in all at once. Well, Drake Lockwell, Viscount Flitwick stumbles upon a crying Penelope.

Drake is able to comfort the young lady and has desire to see if there is still an attraction in the daylight. Can't trust the moonlight, since everything looks lovely underneath the stars. So, the next day he calls on Penny and finds that he is strongly attracted to her. Basically, he wants to start a courtship with her.

Aww, young love. However, it is squash before it even starts. Devlin has issue with Drake and tries to put a stop. Yes, we know how well that goes over. Of course with a forbidden love in sight, all directions lead to Gretna Green.

Now the question is will Drake and Penny make to Gretna Green with no problems? If they do will they have the happily ever-after? Or will a problem arise?

My thoughts: An anthology is not complete without a trip to Gretna Green. As impulsive as Drake and Penny's decision was, it made a fantastic read. Was perfect ending for the youngest Bartlett.

Overall thoughts: I absolutely loved all the stories. I mean they were all very entertaining and flowed very well together. I'm so glad these ladies were able to get the story of the Bartlett family love lives together. I truly look forward to more stories.

So, I would check this book out and see if all siblings end up with their own happy endings. So, long and happy reading.

eARC provide by the wonderful ladies of the book.



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