Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sexy As Hell by Andrea Laurence

Last night I got to read a quick little novella. What's better than having  demons and angels for October? I mean it's perfect for this time of year. Or if you love novellas with angels and demons year round. So, if you are looking for something quick to read angels and demons look no further.

For centuries Seth has been in the service of the Archangel Michael. After so many centuries, Michael has offer him a way out of his contract. Yet, there's a catch. Don't you hate that when there's a catch?

His last duty assignment is to catch the succubus Isra, who has taken over his neighbor Camille's body. Which sucks for him, because he has a crush on Camille for months. Isra's job is to suck the life force out of Seth and create a spawn using Camille. Sucks to be Seth. Hopefully he can resist the temptation in the form of Camille.

Overall, I liked this quick read. I mean it was entertaining to watch the angel and demon to spar off. Especially, when Isra uses her sexual arsenal to try to catch Seth. Then you have Camille who is a spectator through out this whole mess. All she has to do is sit and watch for 24 hours, then she can have her body back as long as Isra doesn't win. Another thing I like about this novella was it was broken down with time, instead of chapters. Which made this story unique and you got to read the the different hours where stuff happens.

As I said early this a quick read and entertaining. It's worth the read, when you need something short. So, come on and check this story out. I leave you today and I hope you are enjoying what your reading.


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