Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Audiobook: The Lemon Sisters by Jill Shalvis

I got a chance to listen to The Lemon Sisters by Jill Shalvis. We are heading back to Wildstone in this story. We have two sisters Brooke Lemon, and Mindy (I can't remember her last name). Anyway, they have drifted apart, and Mindy needs her sister. Technically they need each other, but you don't realize this until later in the story.

Both of them has a misconception of each others lives, and they don't realize it until they are in each other shoes. Actually Mindy believes that Brooke is living the high life, but doesn't have a clue. She actually makes a few rude comments about Brooke's life without even knowing what's really going. I didn't like Mindy for most of the story; she was b-witch. When she talked to her sister her inner b-witch would come out. She wasn't likable. Also, Mindy try to be the perfect mom, and started to crack. I did like Brooke. She did have moments that would drive some people crazy, but I felt for her. She had struggles, and she felt that she had to keep it all to herself. It wasn't until we go to the middle when she started sharing what she was really feeling. It slowly spilled out.

Now we have the sisters guys. Mindy is married to Linc. Linc's kind of clueless to his wife's needs, but that's partly Mindy's fault. Okay, it's a good portion of her fault. We have also Garrett. Garrett wasn't to forgiving to Brooke. Oh boy did he feel like a jerk for the way he treated her.

Anyway, I liked The Lemon Sisters. I laughed, and I did cry when it was painful to Brooke. I had a soft spot for Brooke, and that could be I have the middle name of Brooke. I really liked her. Mindy did have a redeeming quality, but it wasn't until the end. I really didn't like Mindy. Linc was great even though he was kind of clueless. I had to warm up to Garrett, because he didn't have all the facts. Overall, a decent read.

Copy provided from my local library.

4 Stars

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