Thursday, March 19, 2020

Audiobook: Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews

I got a chance to listen to Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews. I really liked this novella. There are some points where it the story is a little bit awkward or a little rush, but that happens with novellas. However, I like this story, because it's a great transition from Nevada to Catalina. In Wildfire we finished Nevada and Rogan love story, and now we get their wedding. Catalina is starting to be able to understand and control her power. We get to see a her use her power to solve what is going on that might stop Rogan and Nevada wedding.

Yay! for transitions. Now I'm reading to start on Catalina's story. I might hold off on continuing on with the series at the time, because I need the complete story with Catalina and Alessandro. This way Catalina's trilogy will be done. However, I'm really enjoying the series.

Copy provided by local library.

4 Stars

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