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InkSlinger PR Blog Parade + Excerpt + Giveaway: Supernatural Chronicles the New Orleans Collection

Ten authors and one grand scheme of mayhem and magic in the depths of New Orleans.

About The Supernatural Chronicles: The New Orleans Collection:

Beneath the brow of Bourbon and French architecture, the iris of New Orleans swirls with flecks of worlds and beings unknown to mankind. Come with us as we chronicle their journey—each supernatural race must hunt for an offering in hopes of saving their own. Skinwalkers, Wolves, Vampires, Dragons, Succubi, Witches, Necromancers, Cupids, and Asgardians are all in danger of losing control as an uprising darkness threatens to rip the veil that protects them all from the great beyond.

Ten original novellas, following each supernatural race as they fight an elusive enemy, are written by New Adult authors Lila Felix, Kristie Cook, Brenda Pandos, Delphina Henley, Julia Crane, Jamie Magee, Morgan Wylie, Kallie Ross, S.T. Bende, and Rebecca Ethington. Come join them for the hunt and discover hidden treasures inside.

Don’t miss each of the individual Supernatural Chronicles!

​Supernatural Chronicles: THE WITCHES Synopsis:

Ash Sabien, a born mortal witch, was meant to be an immortal guardian, as was Soren Wade. But they were never meant to be lovers, which is why Ash fought the pull to him, sometimes venomously.
Days before the sacred holiday of the Day of the Dead a message was sent to their coven: diairoúmeno aíma enós epistrofí̱ sou.
It was a call to rise, a call to hunt what was revered by their coven and use it to stop evil. The honor of the hunt was given to Ash and Soren. When Ash rushed to tell Soren of the mystery before them the last thing she expected was to walk in on Soren with another girl. She bolted. He chased her.
Neither one of them saw the truck.
Neither one of them felt the pain.
Death came like a thief in the night.
Ash knew as she stared at the tragic scene that she’d failed her fate, they both had. She let herself feel, care—and now there was no telling what could happen because she had.

In death could they rise? In death could they finish the hunt and save more than them, more than their coven...? 


The night before, when she suffered the horror once again, it took her a long time to convince herself it was all a dream and she was safe. Once she was calm, panic struck once more—she was sure Soren was going to show at any second. 
He never did. 
She told herself that he wasn’t asleep and was still out doing whatever he did while he was out. Still shaken, she left her room and made her way for the stairs, wanting to drown her fears in the bottom of an ice cream carton, but stopped short when she saw the window at the end of the hall wide open. The long white silk curtains bathed in the moonlight were majestically dancing with a fall breeze.
He was there, sitting outside on the roof with his head bowed deeply between his undrawn knees. He must have sensed the second she laid eyes on him, slowly he drew his head up as his the muscles in his back tensed. 
She was sure he did because he slowly drew his head up then ever-so-carefully turned to gaze at her over his broad shoulder. The instant his stare locked with hers, she knew she was done for. She told herself to grin, maybe crack a dark joke, to walk on—do anything but stand there and stare him like he was the sun, the only life raft she had ever had or would ever want. 
Fluidly before she could register what he was doing, he’d climbed inside again. With a hitched breath, her gaze moved over his bare chest and low hanging pajama bottoms. There was new ink on his chest, lyrically written words she could not make out in dim light, much less her current situation.
 His stare that was nearly glowing dove deeper and deeper into hers as he came ever closer, rooting her in place. He was a step before her when her sanity kicked in, and she managed to not only step back but also to the side, basically all but crashing into the wall trying to evade the pull he had on her. 
Most times when something like this would happen, he’d swear under his breath then walk away. Later, they’d both pretend they didn’t feel the magnetic attraction between them—what Ash effectively called a distraction. Not tonight though, his hands slammed onto the wall, one on each side of her. Trapped in the cage of his arms, like a fool, she met his gaze once more. 
Nature took over, the evil side of it, that is—the part that always convinces you to do what you know isn’t right. She shyly lifted to her toes as her hands landed on the sides of his divinely chiseled face, then she pulled him to her lips. They both hissed a breath as the touch of their lips met. Like she was the sweetest flavor he’d ever devoured, he pulled her lips between his, only to angle his head and grasp for a new taste. When he deepened the kiss, when she felt the searing heat of his tongue, a melting sensation washed over her. 
The fear the nightmare had infused her with abated. The tension of the coming fate paused. The build of need between them was met. In one transitory moment, she felt the sweet sensation of relief, of a peace that was infectiously laced with anticipation. 
His hands fell from the wall and gathered her as close as he could against him as their kiss fell into a rhythm that could never grow old. She pulled him just as close and rushed her hands through the dark waves of his hair before one hand fell to his chest. There, she felt the powerful beat of his heart thundering under her palm. She felt it syncing with hers. It was a sensation she’d always bask in. It let her know that he was there—they were whole. 
When the rush of the moment began to sweep them away into a fit of passion, when old fires started to kindle to life in her heart, she abruptly broke away. She took two steps before she had to stop and lean forward on her knees. 
“How long we gonna do this, Ash...?” His deep voice was hoarse, barely a whisper in their silent home. 
She squinted her eyes closed, hating the feel of cold responsibility wash over her. “Until we can afford to be reckless.”

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​About Jamie Magee:

I'm an obsessive daydreamer. Lover of loud alternative music. Addicted to Red Bull. I love to laugh until it hurts. Fall is my favorite season. Black is my favorite 'shade.' Strong believer in the saying: there is a reason for everything, therefore I search for 'marked moments' every moment of everyday...and I find them. Life is beautiful!


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