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A Valentine to Remember (Anthology)

A Valentine to Remember is a collection of stories that center around Valentine's Day or close to it. I think it's a marvelous idea, because there are so few Valentine stories that center around the holiday.

To My Valentine 
Gail Dayton

In this story, we meet Captain Alexander Ferguson and Lady Lydia Hunt Daventry. Now these two met a year before and liked each other. However, life took them away and life brought them back to one another. At the beginning, Alex was a big fan of Lydia, and the reason was he thought she threw him over for some other guy. So, they had some ground to recover.

Overall, To My Valentine was an all right read. They had to deal with trying to make sure to get back to England and to keep their friends safe. However, there was part made me chuckle and it was probably one of the most awkward sex scenes I have read. Yet, it was funny. We have Lydia who never touched a cock outside of being in her. Anyway, here is where I chuckle:

"It's the first one I've touched. That is, one has touched me, but I've never..." She pumped her shoulder in another shrug. "You know."
“Then why did you kiss it?” He seemed really want to know.
“Because it was there? It was being so friendly-like and, well, I was feeling friendly, and it just seemed like a friendly thing to do. So to speak.”
I lost it right there. I thought the ending was sweet.

Jack Valentine
Sue London

I adore Jack Valentine. I love the thought that in this one little community they would celebrate Valentine's Day by give presents to the children. That wasn't the only reason, but Artie Graham and Teddy Minett. Teddy has been in love with Artie and she figure this would be the year he notices her and fall madly in love with her. That's the plan; we know how plans go. Anyway, Artie is stuck with this notion that he needed to marry an heiress to be happy with his life. When he kisses Teddy he's not sure what to believe anymore. I felt so bad for Teddy, because she had these hopes and dreams, and they seem to start to crumble when Artie doesn't see her the ways she wants to be seen. It kind of broke my heart. I adore how Teddy tried to tell him it will be all right, but he was use to his life style, so it's hard for him to comprehend.

This was a good story. I love Teddy and her optimist views; they're kind of infectious. She had to help Artie realize that it can happen if you put trust in love. He certainly had a hard time, but he also learned a few things along the way.

The Valentine Gift
Sandy Raven

The Valentine Gift is an extremely sweet story about a couples love for one another. Trey and Caroline have been married for almost a year and half, of course they have been trying to have babies. However, Trey sustained some injuries that might cause some infertility issues. Caroline finds out that she might also have issues getting pregnant. I think this story will strike a cord with some, because there are some couples that go through this issue. Then you come up with what should we do question. Now days it's not as hard, but back then I think it would be heartbreaking. I did like how the story went about and what they decided to do. However, I wish the epilogue went into a little more detail a certain aspect of the story, but it was fine to have a cookie cutter happy ending. After all it is a novella.

Overall, I think it was a nice collections of stories that most will enjoy. Each romance centers around something that makes the story special. So, if you are in need a little Valentine Day romance, you can give A Valentine to Remember a try.

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4 Stars

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