Wednesday, February 10, 2016

His Pregnant Princess Bride by Catherine Mann (Review)

Well, His Pregnant Princess Bride was an all right read. Okay, I struggle with the princess. Erika frustrated me to know end. I was afraid I would crack a tooth, because I was grinding so hard on my frustration on Erika. Don't get me wrong I get that she wants to be independent and thought as her own person. Understand that, and I understand that she didn't want to be under her parents thumb. Her title as a princess was kind of like a curtesy title, because they didn't really rule the land. However, I saw her self more times than not. When she found out that she was pregnant she wanted to continue on the path she set out for herself with no regard to others. I liked that she wanted to be nurse practitioner, but she was kind to Gervais hey I'm going to do my own thing, I'm pregnant too. Ahhhhh!

I adore Gervais, because he wanted to be a standup guy and be part of her life, but she wanted him to stay at arms length. I liked that he straight up told her he wanted to be in the babies life which kind put a damper on her plans, but at the same time she was going to press forward with her plans with no regard towards his feeling. Yes, I had the urge throat punched her when she shut Gervais down. I mean he could have been a dick and said I want nothing to do with the kid be gone. No, he was like not going to happen. So, he set out a plan to try to win her at any cost. WOOT! Fortunately, she's going to have a complicated pregnancy, which had to rethink her plan.

Overall, His Pregnant Princess Bride was an all right read. I struggle with Erika till the bitter end, but I adore Gervais for standing up and try to take care of his unborn child. We get a glimpse of his brothers here and there and I'm curious to see what happens with them.

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