Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dirty Beautiful Rich (Part Three) by Eva Devon (Review)

When we start Part Three of Eva Devon's Dirty Beautiful Rich, we have arrived in Ireland. I adore Julie's enthusiasm for being in the land of her ancestors. It's quite refreshing. Anyway, we get a little more of the story. Damien's secrets start to slowly reveal themselves. Kind like the onion, and we are slowly peeling away the layers. However, there are a lot of layers to this onion.

What we find in this part of the story is things viewed in Julie's eyes and meeting Damien's family. I must say they are an interesting bunch. So far we've had Damien working on Julie's self-cofindence. However, by the end of Part Three I wonder if what he did might set him back a couple steps. I felt crush for Julie, but she kind of presses forward. What will Part Four bring us? Oh the agony of the wait.

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4 Stars


  1. Great review. This does sound interesting. I have been hearing good things about this, so I definitely would like to try them out.

  2. Thank you! I was having a hard time with this review, because being a serial it's hard to get the thoughts out without giving a lot away. I love this serial, and I can't wait for more. Eva/Máire does a fantastic job writing.