Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Her Highland Fling by Jennifer McQuiston (Review)

I had a fit of the giggles when I started Her Highland Fling by Jennifer McQuiston, and it all stems from the meeting between William MacKenzie and Penelope Tolbertson.

So, William wants to save Moraig before it goes into financial ruin. He hears about a London reporter coming to write about Moraig, and he wants to present Moraig in it's best light. However, he gets shocked by the fact she's a woman and doesn't know what to do. He becomes a hot mess. Basically, he gets painted as a bumbling fool in  Penelope's eyes. Of course, Penelope is thinking where did they get this guy. However, that all changes as she gets to know him and finds out more about him.

I thought this story was a cute quick read. I just adore how William gets all tripped up when he's around Penelope. It's adorable. There are two directions on how a guy will act when he's around a girl he likes: 1) he becomes adorkable or 2) obnoxious and mean. Fortunately, we got adorkable William. Penelope is sitting on the self, because she believes no one would want to be with a girl who stumble over her words (stutters, but her stutter wasn't too bad). So yeah, Highland Fling is a cute read quick read.

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4 Stars

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  1. Oh sounds fun. I just read a different one by her and enjoyed it. Love adorkable characters. That always reminds me of Matt Nathanson. He called himself that ages ago and totally stuck. :D