Thursday, February 12, 2015

Harlequin Partnership with Professional Bull Riders a Closer Look

If you guys haven't been aware of this Harlequin and the Professional Bull Riders have teamed up. What this means you will see some of these cute bull riders will be some of the previous published books by Tina Leonard. However, they will be sold exclusively at Walmart. Here are new covers and the bull riders on the covers. I have been meaning to get this up last week, but we know how life can be hectic. Better late than never.

Heart of a Bull Rider 
by Tina Leonard

Drifter cowboy Luke Griffin believes in absolute freedom. His gig at the Last Chance Ranch will end soon, and he’ll move on. But then Luke gets splashed by a green energy drink from a platform in a tree, and suddenly things get complicated. But then Luke gets splashed by a green energy drink from a platform in a tree, and suddenly things get complicated.

The Bull Rider on the cover is Reese Cates and here's a little about him: 

World Finals Qualifications: 3
Hometown: El Dorado, Ark.
Twitter: @reesecates

Bio: A third-generation bull rider (his father and grandfather both rode professionally), Reese says he was riding horses before he could walk (his mother, aunts and grandmother were all barrel racers). Growing up and rodeo-ing with Chase Outlaw, the two are still the best of friends and now compete in the PBR together. When he’s in top form, Reese sometimes hangs out and trains with Chad Mendes and Urijah Faber (top UFC fighters who are also PBR fans), and says that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) workouts help keep him in shape for bull riding. In his down time, Reese likes hunting with Chase and San Diego Padres pitcher Andrew Cashner, fishing and spending time at home with family in Arkansas.

A Family for the Bull Rider 
by Tina Leonard

Jack Morgan came home to the Morgans’ Texas ranch on urgent family business—not to get roped into marriage. But he’s finding it impossible to steer clear of his attraction to angelic Cricket Jasper. Now the virtuous deacon is pregnant…with triplets!

The sexy rodeo rider has always been in Cricket’s secret prayers. But she never dreamed she’d be having Jack’s babies! She knows the firstborn Morgan son came home to make things right with his estranged father. Now he’s about to become a father.

What will it take to make a family man out of this wandering rover? Because if three babies and the love of a good woman aren’t enough to settle down this lonesome cowboy, nothing will be!

The Bull Rider on the cover is Harve Stewart and here's a little about him:

World Finals Qualifications: 6
Hometown: Stephenville, Texas
Twitter: @harvestewart

Bio: A former Texas High School Rodeo Association Champion, Harve rode his first bull at age 14 after watching a friend. He learned to ride from his father, Dee, who was a former bull rider and received further instruction from Murray and former PBR stars Adam and Gilbert Carrillo. When it comes time to relax, Harve might be found hanging with fellow PBR riders or maybe watching a comedic movie. If he weren’t a professional bull rider, Harve would have liked to be a football player. When he retires he will probably spend more time golfing and envisions himself owning a business of some sort.  “Anything where I can be my own boss.” says Harve.

One Wild Bull Rider
 by Tina Leonard

No woman’s going to hog-tie Creed Callahan into getting hitched. Even if it means losing his claim on Rancho Diablo, the New Mexico spread that one of six brothers will inherit—whoever marries and has the most children. Come hell or high water, Creed plans to be the last single man standing. Until sweet temptation comes knocking….

Preacher Aberdeen Donovan is just fine tending her flock and getting ready to adopt her three nieces. Her job description does not include saving some incorrigible cowboy from himself. But there’s something about a little competition that makes the devil-may-care bachelor change his mind about needing a wife. And marriage would help Aberdeen provide a home for the little girls. Not to mention, for the little secret that’s on the way….

The Bull Rider on the cover is Matt Triplett and here's a little about him:

World Finals qualifications: 2
Hometown: Columbia Falls, Mont.
Twitter: @triplett_matt

Bio: Matt started bull riding when he was 10, with help from his dad who used to ride bulls as well. He said although his grandfather was too tall to ride, he is still Matt’s biggest fan. When he’s not busy traveling the country entering in as many competitions that he can, he enjoys riding horses, hiking, feeding baby ducks at the park and playing basketball. You can find Matt hanging out with Ryan Dirteater, Douglas Duncan, Chase Outlaw, Sean Willingham and Gage Gay on tour. He also works out with Douglas year round doing hot yoga and visiting Michael Johnson Performance.

The Bull Rider’s Twins
 by Tina Leonard

Finding Darla Cameron warming his bed is a sight Judah Callahan will never forget. How can a red-blooded cowboy say no? Especially when Judah’s desired Darla from afar for years. Only now she’s having his babies…and planning on tying the knot with another man. Over his dead body!

All Darla wanted was one night of passion with the wildly sexy Callahan she secretly loves. But now that she’s going to have a family, she has to be practical. And Judah isn’t the marrying kind.

The die-hard bachelor was even willing to give up his share of his family’s New Mexico ranch to his five brothers so he could stay footloose and fancy-free. Now all Judah can think about is getting Darla down that aisle…with him. Can he get her to believe in their future together? He’ll bet the ranch on it!

The Bull Rider on the cover is Zane Lambert and here's a little about him: 

World Finals Qualifications: 1
Hometown: Ponoka, Alberta

Bio: This Canadian cowboy started riding and attended his first rodeo school at 10 where he won a rodeo card after which he competed in 4 contests that year and was permanently hooked. To keep in shape he definitely hits the gym hard and also has a routine he does in his hotel room on the road that includes pushups, sit-ups, etc. After his wife Stacey, whom he married in April 2013, Zane’s best pal is his English bulldog Ace, whom he calls his mascot and sometimes travels with. When not on the tour, Zane likes snowboarding and doing renovations on his friend’s houses.  Someday he hopes to retire from bull riding with enough money to buy a big place in the country where he can raise a bunch of kids and of course, have a large wine cellar.

What do you all think of the cover or bull riders? I love the idea and it's pretty cool of Harlequin to team up with PBR. 

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