Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Prince Who Loved Me by Karen Hawkins (Review)

I have finally finished The Prince Who Loved Me by Karen Hawkins. I know that it has taken me a while to finish this book and I tried to figure out why I was having trouble getting into this book, because I enjoyed the writing. It basically boils down to the fact it's a Cinderella troupe. I have come to the realization, Cinderella troupe's are not my favorite. They tend to make me anxious. I know it's silly cause Cinderella gets her man in the end, but it's getting there. Of course, every Cinderella has a stepmother and stepsisters and they usually are wicked. However, in Karen's The Prince Who Loved Me Sorcha and Mari are actually kind and sweet to Bronwyn.  Even the stepmother isn't so bad, but at times you wonder if she's actually a wicked one. Then you throw in the twist of the Alexsey's grandmother the Grand Duchess Natasha.

Yes, The Prince Who Loved Me has elements of every Cinderella story like the stepfamily, and a prince. However, it has some elements that make it a little different, not much. Like for instance, when Bronwyn and Alexsey first meet, and the events afterwards. It boils down to Alexsey has no desire to marry, but his grandmother is set on him settling down and start a family. Of course, society dictates that men should aim to find young malleable woman for wife, after all they are perfect child breeding *rolling eyes*. Knowing this Alexsey is not interest in getting to know any young lady, so he sets his cap for Bronwyn knowing she has no desire to marry. After all they both don't want to get marry, and Bronwyn hears this and basically to action in her own hands. So, she sets out to seduce Alexsey, this is what sets this apart from other Cinderella stories. Of course, the goals change as the story goes on, because they start to change. Then you have the outside factors that play into the story. You have Lady Malvinea and the Grand Duchess plotting for Alexsey to marry Sorcha. You have Sorcha who has no desire to marry the prince, but find love. It starts to be taxing on the heart.

Anyway, The Prince Who Loved Me is pretty good, but still a Cinderella story. They were times I had to double check to make sure Bronwyn and Alexsey ended up together, because you had Lady Malvinea and the Grand Duchess scheming. I liked that Alexsey saw Bronwyn more has a sweet girl than the spinster bluestocking young woman. I did like that Bronwyn was trying to seduce the Prince, even though she didn't have much experience. Of course, by the end you have everything working out and secrets reveal. So, if you are a Cinderella kind of person, you might enjoy The Prince Who Loved Me.

Favorite Lines (Converstation between Strath and Alexsey):
"I'm sorry, I'm cross today, and I've no idea why.'
"You need a woman."
"Most likely."
"Find one, then. One who will offer you a challenge. Someone with enough fire in her should to provoke, and enough brain in her head to win an argument. Beauty is easy to find. But interesting... ah, that is something to be treasured."
Strath shook his head. "You know, for all you like to pretend that you're a frivolous sort, you're a deep one."
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4 Stars


  1. She's one I want to try. I don't mind the Cinderella troupe so would probably do okay with it :D

    1. I actually can't wait for the next story cause it's a Robin Hood story.