Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Demon Undamned by Andris Bear (Review)

Well, this lovely selection has been waiting for me patiently to read him. Who am I kidding Chamos (the anti-hero) hasn't been waiting for me patiently. Would you believe me that he has been giving me the stink-eye since August? The nerve  of some characters. Anyway, this is the fifth story in Andris Bear's Deadly Sins books. If you had read the first book Angel Unborn you would have remember meeting Chamos. If you haven't let me introduce him.

Chamos: A sexy as hell Incubus (an imaginary demon supposed to descend upon sleeping persons, especially one fabled to have sexual intercourse with women during their sleep). Here are Joey's words on the subject:
"You're telling me that Chamos, a sexy as all get-out Incubus with a perpetual hard-on, just stood in the street and watched a gorgeous woman drive by?"
So, sexy demon. However, there is more to him and we actually learn how he became a demon. Let me just tell you that it's pretty sad story. Truth be told he wouldn't want me to tell you. Come on, he barely was able to tell Shula his past.

Shula: Best friend to Joey and female Shaman. Again there is more that meets the eye when it comes to this girl. Actually, facts about this girl is reveal in the story. Lets be honest they are life changing. Don't worry she's not a secret angel. However, the life she knew and like was not what it may have seem. I know cryptic.

So, during Demon Undamned we learn a lot about these two. We learn about Chamos tragic past and  wait for it... it's intertwine with Shula. *GASP* Yes, this sexy demon's past has something do with Shula. I hate to do this, but I can't tell you. Yep, it would be a spoiler. Anyway, Demon Undamned still has Andris clever wit, and you really do see it express out of the character. I like this story, because it puts Chamos into a different light. Granted I did like the horny bastard from the beginning. Shula can definitely match with the demon. However, I would suggest starting from the beginning to understand why Shula is lacking the trust on Chamos. So, if you are looking for story with angels and demons, you might give this a try. I must warn you those looking for inspirational reads this is not one. There is some sex and vulgar language. If you don't mind, give a try.

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4 1/2 Stars

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