Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jingle Spells by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Rhonda Nelson, Kira Sinclair, & Andrea Laurence

Okay, Jingle Spells is anthology about the Evergreen family and there goal is keep Christmas alive and the secret safe. So, each story focuses on one of the Evergreen siblings: Cole, Ethan, Dash, and Belle.

Naughty or Nice
by Vicki Lewis Thompson

This story is about reunited lovers. Cole Evergreen when a family emergency popped he left school. However, didn't just leave behind school, but the girl that accept him, Taryn Harper. Basically to get his attention, Taryn decided to hack into his company to find closer. Yes, I know a bit extreme. Honestly, they both needed closer to move on. However, Taryn wasn't going to let Cole go cause deep down she knows they are good together.

Cute story. Both Cole and Taryn are pretty hot for one another, but Cole is afraid his powers might scare Taryn away. Taryn wants to know why Cole abandon her all those years ago and see if they can work things out.

She's a Mean One
by Rhonda Nelson

Okay, in this story we meet Lark who use to believe in the magic of Christmas. However, over the course of time she believe it was one big lie, and she singlehanded set out to destroy the lies that are told at Christmas. Now it's Ethan's job to make sure the Christmas spirit is high, but he's mainly doing damage control from Lark's book The Christmas Lie.

I liked this story, because have two people who are attracted to one another. Yet, they don't want to sacrifice there principles. Ethan was willing to listen to Lark's thoughts, but Lark wasn't willing to compromise. Ethan is trying to make plain an even field.

His First Noelle
by Kira Sinclair

I love this story. Cause in this story you have Dash Evergreen and Noelle Frost. They use to be married, but life wasn't working out for them so they parted ways. Actually Noelle just up and left. Their main problem was communication, but they didn't realize it. So, during the crisis that is going on they had to learn to communicate with one another and trust each other again. I liked this story mainly cause you saw the conflict and saw them trying to work it out.

Silver Belle
by Andrea Laurence

Oh my, this one was another good one. We have finally got to the last Evergreen, Belle. During the whole book Belle had been sneaking off to meet someone, Nick St. John. She has been enjoying her time with Nick. However, the crisis had reached a critical level with Santa going AWOL. So Belle has to find a new Santa. Nick is looking like he could be the next guy. This comes with complications that Belle doesn't know if she wants to face.

Each story was pretty good, but as a whole they make the story complete. These ladies did a great job working together to make a story about a crisis with Christmas enjoyable. Each sibling was able to find there perfect mate as they forge on with Christmas Traditions in Gingerbread, Colorado. So, if you are looking for the magic of Christmas you might find it in Jingle Spells.

Copy provided by Harlequin and the author.

4 1/2 Stars

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