Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Scandalous Deception by Ava Stone (Review)

For the longest time I had been putting off A Scandalous Deception. Now you wonder why, because we all know how much I love Ava's writing. There are some things I know about this book, that make me sad. It has to do with an secondary character. Honestly, he wasn't a huge character always in the background, and occasionally he would popup here and there. So, knowing what will happen eventually I was a little leery to start the story. However, I have to read the story in order to do the next part of a blog post. That's my explanation on why it took me so long to finish. Anyway, my thoughts on A Scandalous Deception.

Ever since A Scandalous Charade Fin has been mopey. If you haven't read here's a clue: 
Fin took a steadying breath. One would have thought sometime within the last three years, he'd have gotten over, her that the pain of losing her would have dulled a bit, that he'd have made a step or two towards getting his life. But he hadn't.
Georgie was the girl he loved and left before heading off to India, and when he returned he found out she had died. So, for the past couple of books he has been moping around. However, Felicity wasn't going to have that, and she would egg him on and tease him.

Now Felicity was consider a bit wild. It must be that smidge of American blood in her. Anyway, she went off to America to visit her mother's side of her family. While she was there she met a wonderful chap and fell madly in love him. I wish it was happy and exciting as it sounds, but Aaron Pierce hid a deep dark secret from everyone who knew him. The more we learn about the man, the more we realize he was a sadistic bastard. Fortunately, she was able to escape from his clutches and come back to England with the pretense she was a widow. Honestly, before this book I was wondering how she became a widow at such a young age. When she came back she wasn't the carefree young girl she once was. I guess abuse will do that to a girl.

Even though Felicity loss some of her carefreeness, she slowly was gaining that back. I think the teasing of Fin helped. Now these two couldn't be any more different. As I have describe Felicity as carefree, but she's a bit cautious. Granted at times it may seem like she's not, but at the heart of the matter she is which stems with her tumultuous relationship with Captain Pierce. While Fin tended to be
  "Controlling, overbearing, insufferable starched stickler."
Another great description of the man was
"Because the man is a sanctimonious prig." 
Yes, Fin sounds like a load fun to be around. However, the interaction between him and Felicity was priceless. I liked when he started having conflicted feelings towards Felicity, because he was in love with her sister first. Normally, the rule is you stay away from past lovers family, but it's kind of hard with his situation. Plus, they kind of complete one another while he's no fun and she a ton of fun. Overall, A Scandalous Deception is a pretty good story. Yes, there was that whole sad thing towards the end, which I'm still kind of upset about. What can I do? Nothing and just move forward. However, the good thing is Felicity and Fin are able to move forward with there life and thats what counts the most.

4 Stars

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