Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dr. Daddy's Perfect Christmas by Jules Bennett

Who doesn't love a good Christmas read? If you have started your Christmas reads you might consider Dr. Daddy's Perfect Christmas by Jules Bennett. Dr. Daddy's Perfect Christmas is a second chance love story. I normally not a huge fan of these stories cause when the couple first breaks up it's usually for a good reason, and shouldn't really get back together. However, I do love Jules's book.

So, we have Eli St. John and Nora Parker. They use date and were deeply in love. At the time they wanted different things, Nora wanted to stay in Stonerock and Eli wanted to see the world. So, they parted ways. Eli always held on hope that they would eventually get back together, but he was a little too late. Time marches on, now Nora is a widower with a baby on the way.

I love this story, because you have two people that never quite quit loving one another. The more time they spend together, its like they never were apart. However, Eli is keeping a secret that could truly hurt Nora. So, Eli is living with the guilt of keeping Todd's secret from Nora. Poor Nora doesn't know what was going on with her late husband. Honestly, her late husband was pretty scummy. In a lot of ways selfish bastard who was a coward. I could go on and on that, but why focus on the dead.

Anyway, the story is heartwarming that will melt your insides. Eli is such a dear that anyone would be lucky to have him. He bends over backwards to help Nora. Nora is so use to doing things on her own that she has a hard time accepting help. However, they mesh well together. So, if you are looking for that ooey-gooey read, you might give Dr. Daddy's Perfect Christmas a try.

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5 Stars

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  1. Oh, this does sound like a great holiday romance -- I'll be adding it to my list! :)