Monday, November 12, 2012

Three Rivers Ranch by Roxanne Snopek

Ok, last I started Roxanne Snopek's Three River Ranch and I couldn't put it down. I mean I absolutely enjoyed this story. However, there is this thing call sleep and it was calling my name. So, I reluctantly put the book down. So, this evening I have been finishing up reading this book. Without further ado let me share with you Three River Ranch.

Aurora McAllister was trying to make a fresh start in Blaine County, Montana. After all her scummy ex-fiance was cheating on her, then had the audacity to say the child she was carrying wasn't his. A real winner there.

However, things never workout how you envision them. As she gets to her new place, a couple of surprises pop-up. For one thing, Carson Granger comes home to his family ranch and finds a pregnant women on his property. Now they need to live together until her blessed day. Will they be able to live in harmony or will it all come crashing down?

Let me just put this on the record, "I am a SAP!" I love sappy romances. This one is absolutely a sappy romance. I mean with the first time they meet to the three pregnancy. Yes, three pregnancy: a horse, a dog and our heroine. Highly unlikely, but hey it's a story. Then you have the rancher hero who is yummy trying to figure out how he's going to manage getting his inheritance without going through his dead fathers hoops.

Basically, I laughed and cried throughout this book. I adored the story. So, if are looking for a story that is heart-warming and bit on the sappy side, you might enjoy Three River Ranch. I sure did and I hope you guys get a chance to check this story out.


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