Friday, November 2, 2012

The Wolf Who Loved Me by Lydia Dare

Hello again. Yes, I book closer to the new release of Lydia Dare. I actually bought The Wolf Who Loved Me when it first came out and has been sitting in my Kindle for months waiting for me to read it. I know sad. I'm glad I waited until now and I can write about and what I thought of the book.

We meet Lady Madeline Hayburn back in Never Been Bit, and she was getting read to make her debut in the season to come. Three years later she's still on the marriage mart and no one as capture her heart. I know, but I guess it's hard to find someone who doesn't look at you like a bag a money.

Then you have Weston Hadley, who has no money and knows he doesn't have a shot with Lady Madeline. However, he can't help falling for the girl even though she is way out of his league.

Alright this isn't my normal style to writing about a book, but for this one I kinda have to. Here's why: First off I have a very hard time with Madeline. I know. I don't normally say this, but I did. I guess since I have read all the Lydia Dare books and all the other heroines weren't afraid of getting a little dirty and willing to fight for there man no matter what. Then you have Maddie who is a daughter of a Duke and a tad bit spoil. Granted she saw something that she shouldn't have and ended up on a wild ride.

Then you have Weston, who is just going with the flow of things, because that's what Hadley's do. Throughout the book you see Weston trying to make the best of a bad situation and really trying to accommodate to Maddie. Yet Maddie complains about everything. So, she really grated on my nerves.

So, I struggle through the first half of the book, but things started to get better once I was really into the book. For awhile there, I was a little worry that I wouldn't like the book. I was about ready to start typing my review before I finish the book, because I thought I had the gist of the book. I'm glad I didn't because I started crying while reading. Here's why: Weston. He loved Maddie so much he was willing to set her free. You know that old saying, "If you love someone let it go, if it comes back it was meant to be." He was willing to do that. Just ripped my little heart out.

Overall, I liked The Wolf Who Loved Me. I'm so glad I made it through. True to form we see the build for more stories to come. As you have read in my past post of Lydia Dare books, you really need to read the rest of the books to know the back stories. I mean they are so interlocked together, which I love that about them. However, if you don't read them in order it won't ruin the story and I'm sure it will be fine. I'm just suggesting to read them in order of publishing.

Now I'm ready to see what Grayson's story brings to the table. So, I leave today and I hope you are having fun reading whatever your reading.


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