Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to Capture a Countess by Karen Hawkins

First off I love Twitter contest. Here's why: You never know what can happen. This precious jewel of a read was from a twitter contest. I'm grateful that I got a chance to read it. I know I haven't written any reviews about Karen Hawkins' books, but I actually love reading them. Anyways, let me share as I called a "jewel of a read" and what I thought of How to Capture a Countess.

Its always exciting to have your first season; so many unexpected things to happen. Especially, when you encounter the seasons most eligible bachelor. Rose Balfour made a point to stumble upon Lord Sinclair and make her presence know.

Sin usually avoids balls where there a roomful of doe-eyed innocents looking for a title and money. When Rose bumps into Sin, there's something different about the girl. He felt this instant attraction and had to get to know the girl. Well, it's all downhill from here and the real story begins.

LOVED this book! I mean it had me cracking up from the first moment Sin finds out that Rose Balfour is his Aunt Margret's God-Daughter. What luck? You start to see the wheels turning in his head on how he can extract his revenge on the girl. However, there is one problem: he still feels the spark that fuel the disaster six years prior.

Then you have his aunt who is willing to help only so far, before she gets a little concern about the situation. At the same time, we have Rose and Sin who are so stubborn and competitive as ever. Both are trying to best each other with their wits to come out on top, by the way makes a hilarious read. And to top it all off, you have the sexual tension between the two of them, which makes even better.

Love this book with every page I turn. I enjoyed at the beginning of each chapter you have the Duchess' entry to her diary and what she sees what happening. I really think the Duchess would give Machiavelli a run for his money with all her plotting and scheming. So, if you are looking for a light and diverting read look no further with How to Capture a Countess, it definitely left me laughing and smiling.

So, I leave you today and I hope you are enjoying what you are reading.

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