Saturday, April 16, 2016

This Thing Called Love by Miranda Liasson (Review)

At the beginning Miranda Liasson's This Thing Called Love, I wasn't sure if I would like the story. I personally wanted to throat-punch the hero. Normally it's usually the heroine, but this time the hero got my hackles in an uproar. I wasn't sure if I was ever going to like him. Here's what started my dislike to him:

Brad Rushford is handsome, fun, and charming, but he had to play I know how raise kids card when he found out Olivia Marks was name legal guardian of their niece Annabelle. During the first part of the book he tried to undermine Olivia making her feel like she couldn't raise a child on her own, and that Annabelle should stay closer to her family. Yes, I hated his guts. Who was he to say that Olivia couldn't handle it. Hey, she might be new to the whole parenting thing, but it's not like she's going to harm the child. Plus, she was named guardian for a reason, by the end we find out the reason, I kind of figured it was similar to what happen. It wasn't until Brad's family helped him realize that Olivia isn't a bad choice, and she needed time to adjust.

Poor Olivia. She's thrust into responsibility to care for newborn and she has no clue what to do. She doesn't understand why she was named guardian, and she's not sure if she can handle the responsibility. She didn't need Brad undermining her at every opportunity. Seriously, she need someone to throat-punch Brad for her. Once Brad mellowed out and started seeing Olivia isn't doing a bad job.

Now the romance. Yes, This Thing Called Love is a second chance love story. Brad and Olivia use to be an item in high school, but they started to grow apart when she left for college. Both of them played a part into the breakup, but Brad held Olivia more responsible for the issue. I love how his family had to point out some of his issues when it came to his relationship to Olivia. It was eyeopening to him towards the end.

This Thing Called Love is not for everyone. Not everyone is going to like Brad. He's pretty unlikeable for a good portion of the story. However, I did warm up to the guy. I automatically liked Olivia, but then again I felt protective over her. I mean she needed someone to stand up for her. However, she took the responsibility like a champ. If you can get pass the hero's flaws it's an enjoyable story.

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