Saturday, April 16, 2016

Skater's Waltz by Peggy Jaeger (Review)

In Peggy Jaeger's Skater's Waltz we find a friends-to-lovers romance. Friends-to-lovers romances can be a little difficult at times to pull off. I mean you have been friends forever and the you want to move to on to the next step, or you have one that would love to be more than friends and the other wants things to stay the same. This situation is a little different, because there is a an eight years age gap and they met when the heroine was six and the hero was 14. Right there is hard. For a contemporary piece that is hard to swallow at times, and it's easier to get away with something like that in a historical romance. Anyway. Yes, I did struggle with the romance part of the story. Here's why I had a little trouble with the romance. He basically watched her grow up, because his uncle married her mother and he was being raised by his uncle. Slew of complications.

When Skater's Waltz begins Tiffany 23 and Cole is 31, Cole is home from assignment he's spending a little time with his family. He comes home to find a grown up Tiffany, and he's attracted to her, but he wants to keep things the same. However, Tiffany is determine that she's the perfect girl for him. Anyway, I found the romance part of the story a bit awkward. I guess I had a hard time wrapping my brain around the whole situation. However, what I did like was the story about situation happening with ice program. Some was trying to take Tiffany out of the program, so we all these things happen to Tiffany. Of course this brings out the protectiveness of Cole. Yes, I did like that part of the story. Which helped me warm up to the idea of relationship between Tiffany and Cole. Tiffany was willing to let Cole do his own thing and almost causes a riff between the two.

Overall, not a bad read. A few issues here and there, and they it might be me.

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