Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Patriot's Pride by Penelope Marzec (Review)

It's always hard to find a balance when it comes inspirational reads, because they tend to come off a little too preachy. This tends to turn off people who like mainstream romance novels. Yes, there are some out there that have the perfect balance. Patriot's Pride wouldn't be for those how like a little mainstream in their romance. However, those who love inspirational and deep messages might enjoy this particular title.

However, I struggled with Margaret and Derrick's story. There were a few good parts, but I really did struggle with the beginning. We have Margaret who is very spiritual, then we have Derrick who is a man of science. Both are on extreme spectrum and you wonder how on earth are they going to get together. Is Derrick going to have an epiphany that makes him see the light. Plus, he's a doctor there are somethings that better explain with science that believing that it's a higher power. Don't get me wrong, I do have religious beliefs, but it makes this story a little hard to grasp. So, the boat ride over to England is a little rough. When they touchdown on English so the story does pickup and I did start to like the story. Yet, there were a couple issues I had with the story. At times it felt a bit rushed. Eventually these two get their happy ending.

Overall, Patriot's Pride is probably not the book for me. I had a few issues with the story. However, there were a few things I like. For instance, I really liked Margaret's traveling companion, Mrs. Ulery. Now she had a salty personality that kind help Margaret see things in perspective. I love that she wasn't perfect and never proclaim she was. Mrs. Ulery was human with flaws like everyone else. So, if you are a person who loves inspirational reads, Patriot's Pride might be the story for you. It works for others, but not me.

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2 Stars

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