Thursday, April 28, 2016

How The Duke Was Won by Lenora Bell (Review)

I have to say that How The Duke Was Won by Lenora Bell isn't like anything I have read. At the beginning, it reminded of me Eloisa James A Kiss At Midnight, because the heroine of the story had to pretend be her half-sister at a house party. Charlene Beckett had to pretend to be her half-sister Lady Dorothea Beaumont. After all Dorothea's mother would love her to catch a Duke. Charlene is willing to play along, after all this will secure her families freedom. Right there makes the story unique. We watch Charlene pretend to be something she's not, and fall in love with someone she can't have.

Now James, he finds himself as the Duke after a tragic accident that takes his father and brother away. Now he's stuck being the Duke, but he has other plans. Basically, he needs a wife to create an heir to secure the title, and make sure everything stays hunky-dory while he's away. This is where it kind becomes like the bachelor. He invites four young ladies with outstanding pedigree, and they need to prove who could be his duchess. Seriously, it's like regency bachelor, except you down to the last few. All Charlene has to do is prove that she's the most Duchess-like out of the bunch.

A creative way to tell the story of How The Duke Was Won. I found myself laughing and rooting for Charlene. Even though she was pretending to be someone else, we still got to see the real Charlene. She's definitely character to see, because did for her family. Yes, I did get a little choked up at the end. Overall, How The Duke Was Won was masterfully done for debut story. I can't wait see what happens in the next book.

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4 1/2 Stars

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