Sunday, April 10, 2016

Into the Darkness by Katie Reus (Review)

Rule number one: DO NOT! I REPEAT DO NOT TRY TO START A WAR WITH THE STAVROS PACK! Seriously, it will not end well. However, one crazed wolf decided he wanted to take on the Stavros pack, because of what happen to his crazy brother.

If you all have been following the series, you would remember in Taste of Darkness is the first time Rhea and Conall met. You could see something could possibly be there, but you weren't sure. After all Rhea has no desire to mate after what happen to a former betrothal. Things are heating up between these two. Then some douchebag decides he wants to have his revenge on Rhea, and he decides to take out the Stavros pack. Brilliant idea. By the way Rhea is one touch cookie after all she's a warrior and tracker, and pretty damn strong. Plus, she has a dragon in her corner.

At the same time this is going on we have Liberty and Rory. Rory rescued Liberty from a Hell realm in Hunted By Darkness. Rory found his mate, but at the time she was battered and bruised in all senses. He has been taking thing extremely slow for her sake. Liberty wants there to be more with Rory, but she doesn't believe she's strong enough for him. Until she feels she can be strong enough for him nothing is going to happen between the two of them. Fortunately, a scary she dragon helps Liberty. If you have been keeping up with the series you will know who the scary she dragon is.

Anyway, I like how Katie was able to combine these two couples into one story. I have been hoping for actually both these couples to get a story. I actually wanted Rhea and Conall to get their own story after reading Taste of Darkness, because what happen to Conall was pretty crappy. However, he needed a strong mate and Fia was weak. I'm glad she stuck Liberty and Rory into this story to get a happy ending, because I think it would have been pretty sucky to put Liberty through more trauma after the Hell realm. The girl has gone through a lot. However, I'm kind of excited to see Ian get a story, which I hope is next.

Overall, I liked Into the Darkness. I'm super glad Rhea didn't push Conall to far. I do like Darkness books, because you never know what is going to pop next. There is always something knew awaiting. Plus, you want to start from the beginning, because there are some many characters that pop in out of the story. Also the story line builds upon each book.

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4 Stars

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