Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nantucket by Nan Rossiter (Review)

I finished Nantucket by Nan Rossiter. I wouldn't quite classified this as a romance, because Cadie and Liam do not get a happily ever after, and not really a happily for now either. I mean someone dies in the end. It kind of reminds me of Nicholas Spark novel, might as well go through an emotional wringer. Yes, there are happy times, but majority of the story has sad feel. It's broken down into three sections.

The first part focuses on Liam as he is now with the flashbacks of the love he lost. So, we go back and forth to the present and the time he was 17. I have to say that the author did a beautiful job with the transitions. Definitely flowed well.

The second part focuses on the reunion of Cadie and Liam. However, there was never going to be happily ever after with what Cadie was going through. It was extremely sad to see them go through what they did in the two month span. They were able to get a little time together. Emotional part of the story.

The third part is the about moving on after Cadie and learning to survive. Liam learned a lot about himself during this whole book.

Even though this isn't something I normally read Nantucket is actually a well written story that is moving. I found myself wanting to read more after the first chapter. the pace of the story is fairly quickly even though there are emotional parts. I found myself in tears. This would be a very good story to have as a book club selection. It's thought provoking and it would be an interesting to hold a discussion after reading the book. So, I would recommend this to someone who is looking for a book club pick.

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4 1/2 Stars

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