Sunday, September 23, 2018

Blogger Shame Review Challenge 2018: Waking Up With a Billionaire by Katie Lane

We finally have tackled another book that has been my TBR pile forever. YAY!!!! I'm glad I have finished Waking Up With a Billionaire, because it now completes the series. I would recommend not reading this story as a standalone. There are a few things that happen in the previous books that come back in Waking Up With a Billionaire, epecially Chloe's past. Other than that this was book was a pretty good read. I did enjoy Chloe and Grayson's interaction. 

In Waking Up With a Billionaire we have two people that can't really stand each other. Okay, they both find each other attracted to one another, but Chloe is on the run and trying to stay hidden. While Grayson is trying to make sure the company stays intact while his brother's are away. He has to keep Chloe in town until Eden gets back from her honeymoon with Nash, by the way not an easy task. Anyway, Grayson helps Chloe overcome her past issues with her family. During this story, they draw closer to one another, they each help one another with their problems. 

Overall, I did enjoyed Waking Up With a Billionaire, I thought it was a nice conclusion to the series. We have all the Beaumonts having a happy ever after. I even like the epilogue with family a few years down the road. These books need to be read together. I wouldn't recommend them being read separately, because a few of the things that happen in the previous books. Plus, these brothers are pretty tight. I think Grayson and Chloe's story is a good fit for them. 

Copy provided by Forever Romance via NetGalley

4 Stars

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