Monday, September 24, 2018

Audiobook Review: Accidental Sire by Molly Harper

I actually listened to Accidental Sire a few months ago, and I'm just getting to writing my review. I'm guessing this is the end of the Half-Moon Hollow books, because I'm not sure who else needs a story. I guess Molly could write side stories for the characters. Who knows what is going to happen, but I'm pretty sure this is the end.

So, we finally get a story for adorkable Ben Overby, who thought his life wouldn't be mixed up with vampires after he was dumped by Gigi. I guess he was wrong. Meagan Keene was "accidentally" killed in thrilling ultimate frisbee throwing contest. Anyway, she accidentally bites Ben and turns him with just a bite. Now they have to learn to live with one another and get past the issue that Meagan turned Ben.

I loved Accidental Sire. I love both Meagan and Ben. I think my favorite is Meagan, because she feels so alone. At times in the story, she does. A lot of her issues stem from being put in the foster care system. When Ben learns more about her past, he kind of feels bad for the way he treated her, but at the same time he's trying to cope with being turned himself. Each of them have learning and growing in this story. Along with that, they are trying to stay hidden from some crazed person.

Accidental Sire is one of my favorite in the series. If this book is the end of the series, I'm glad that it end on a high note. Also Amanda Ronconi does amazing job with this story. Especially Georgie's part. Yes, we get to see a lot more Georgie in here, and her and Meagan have a special bond. Overall, loved this story. I laughed, cried, and was over joy when it all worked out for Ben and Meagan.

5 Stars

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