Sunday, May 27, 2018

Innocent Target by Katie Reus (Review)

First off, Innocent Target can be read as a standalone, kind of. There are a lot of characters from the previous books that are in play here. However, the story does focus on Hadley & Axel. In previous story, Hadley does move to Redemption Harbor to get know her brother and father, so you might want to read the previous books.

Anyway, since she's reconnecting with her family she  thought that didn't want her, she has become a target. After all, she connect to two powerful men. Basically, someone wants to harm her, but Axel is trying to prevent the situation from happening. At first, Axel was there to make sure nothing happens to Hadley, but once he gets to know her he doesn't know he wants her out of his life once he has completed his mission. His life is pretty shady, and Hadley seems so pure and clean that she might not want Axel once everything is out in the open.

Anyways, I liked Innocent Target. I had a little hard time getting into the story, because you have something happen, and then you would have to wait. A lot of waiting game going on in this story. However, my patience did paid off, and the story does pick up towards the middle when stuff starts to really take off. The key is being patient with this story. Overall, Katie does a pretty good job with this story.

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4 Stars

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