Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Right Kind of Rogue by Valerie Bowman (Review)

Talk about getting heart palpitations, The Right Kind of Rogue wasn't an easy read.  Seriously, we have I worried for Meg Timmons throughout the story. I had cause for worry, because she enlisted the help of Lucy Hunt. No good ever comes when she gets in the thick of things, but does she causes some havoc on Meg's life. Luckily it all works out for Meg, but there were some nail biting instants.

We have Meg who has been in love with Hart Highgate since she was 16. A long time to be in love with a guy. Anyway, she decides to put aside her dreams of Hart realizing she's the woman for him, and decides to find a husband. However, Lucy gets involve to help her win Hart, because there is hope that he loves her too. Hart decided it was high time to find the perfect wife, and help Meg find a husband too. This is where the nail biting comes into play. This was rough seeing Hart fight his feelings, but wasn't quite sure if he had feelings for Meg. Seriously, it was stressful. Plus, it gets a little ugly at this time.

Anyway, Valerie is masterful at making a story come to life, even one that makes you anxious you hope that everything goes according to plan. Yes, you will find bumps along the path in the story, because there's always bumps when Lucy gets involve. The Right Kind of Rogue is like a Romeo & Juliet kind of story. Fortunately, no one ends up dying. It's a happier ending that story. Like I said the road to true love is a little bumpy, and Hart's a bit stubborn. He's kind of a jerk towards Meg. I'm surprise no smacked him upside the head, which would have been perfectly acceptable. Valerie brings out another fun read in the Playful Brides books.

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4 1/2 Stars

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