Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Mistletoe Me, Baby by Katie Reus (Review)

Mistletoe Me, Baby is a sweet little holiday read. This time it's Nolan O'Conner chance at love. Anyway, Nolan has been in love with Miranda Flores since she arrived in town. However, she friend zone Nolan, since she was taking care of her nephew. So, Nolan basically biding his time to make a move, and he finds his opportunity when Miranda asks him to be her fake fiancee. Seems like a lucky break for Nolan. Nolan figures it would be a perfect time to show Miranda that they are meant to be together. Sounds so simple, but life throws a few curve balls along the way.

Mistletoe Me, Baby is a quick little holiday read. For the most part everything works out. Kind like a Hallmark channel kind of read. Yes, Nolan and Miranda do get their happy ever after, but there are few bumps like I said. So, if you are in the mood for a quick holiday read, Mistletoe Me, Baby might be calling your name.

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4 Stars

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