Friday, November 17, 2017

Rock Solid by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde (Review)

Can I say that Connor Prescott is absolutely lovable. Oh my gosh talk about a good decent guy. We finally get Connor's story. He's the relationship kind of guy, but he broke his code for one night. Honestly, he wanted to have more, but the girl ghost. Jump ahead three years, Katie Kaswell stumbles upon Connor's inform and decides to call him and let him know that he's a daddy.

Yes, I do love a good secret baby/child story, and Rock Solid is a pretty good one. I think it's because Connor was willing to take responsibility. Katie kind of bugged me at times. She couldn't see that Connor was willing be everything she didn't know she wanted. I'm glad that she had a best friend to tell her, dude you are being stupid. She based a lot of her insecurities from the way she was raised. Another heroine who would have benefited from counseling.  The moments of Connor and Val (his daughter) adorable.

Overall, I liked Rock Solid. Adore Connor, Katie had to warm up to, and Val, who doesn't love an adorable kid. So, if secret child is your read and need it to be quick Rock Solid gotcha cover.

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4 Stars

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