Thursday, October 27, 2016

Just Thinking + Giveaway: Buns & Roses

This past week I went to Buns and Roses Romance Tea for Literacy. It's basically an event help raise funds for Richardson Adult Literacy Center, they do a lot of good for the area. Basically you get to have tea with romance authors, meet authors, auction and signed books to raise money for this organization. I ended up buying a lot of books, but had a blast, plus it went to a great cause. This years Keynote speaker was Jill Shalvis. She did a fantastic job. I would say those who want to go make plans to attend next year. I told my husband I plan to go again next year. Yes, I had a blast.

Here are a few of the authors I had a lovely chance to meet:

I was able to meet the lovely Avon authors: Jill Shalvis-super sweet I even got a chance to meet Alpha Man. If you follow her she talks about him; he's pretty cool. Codi Gary- A blast to hang out with. Charis Michaels- Super sweet. She writes awesome heroines. Caroline Linden- Another sweet lady. Super excited to meet Lorraine Heath- I got her choked up, because I absolutely loved one her books. Seriously, you all should read London's Greatest Lovers books, one of my favorite heroes of hers is in that series. 

I also got a chance to meet Elizabeth Essex. I have to say it was pretty cool to have her come up to me and tell she recognizes me from social media. Who knew I was so popular. 😉
I also met Candace Haven, by the way she is a hoot. She loves prezzies. She had us all rolling. She also has a new book called Branded. I totally bought the book cause of the cover, not going to lie. 
I also met Tracy Solheim- Sweet lady. I also met Karen Witemeyer. Let me say we have a special bond, we actually grew up in the same town. Seriously, that is crazy, because I grew up in a small coastal town in California. That automatically makes ups buddies. Finally Addison Fox. I got know this lady and she is awesome. 

The authors appreciate hearing you love there work, they appreciate that you have read there work. Don't forget to tell an author you like, love, appreciate their work. Had a blast, and I wish I took more pictures than I did. Live and learn. 

I also picked up an extra book and got it signed. I picked up All's Fair In Love and Scandal by Caroline Linden signed too. Plus, I'll add a few from box pile. Fill out the rafflecopter and comment who you would like to meet. Sorry this is for US only. 

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