Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Just Fine With Caroline by Annie England Noblin (Review)

First off, the cover for Just Fine With Caroline is stinkin' adorable. I totally love the dog, the flowers, and her skirt, makes for an adorable cover. We are going to leave it at that. However, Just Fine With Caroline was an okay read. The pacing of the story happen to be a little slow for my taste. At times I was trying to figure out what era the story was set in, by the way it's present day. It's set in a small town in Missouri, and that could be the reason it gave a feeling of being lost in time.

In Just Fine With Caroline we meet are main protagonist, Caroline who happens to live at home basically helping her father take care of her mother who has Alzheimers. I wish at times that this more prevalent in the story, instead of more in the background. Along with that you have a cast characters that make Caroline's family and friends. They tend to be filler to the story. Each of the characters give a different light to Caroline. The ones that popup the most are Ava Dawn, Court, and Noah.

Ava Dawn is a hot mess. I think Caroline tries to help her, but she's a hot mess. There is a potential for her to have a story of her own. I think she would be an interesting one to read. Court, her go to guy. He has some secrets that slowly come out in the story. Noah, he's the guy that pops into her life. There relationship is a slow one. At times it doesn't seem fluent, and you wonder how that is going to work.

Just Fine With Caroline has little drama to the story. As we get closer to the end drama starts to to pick up rabidly. Overall, not a bad read. There were somethings that I would like to see more focus on, and I think it would have benefited with an epilogue. The ending wrapped up to quickly, and an epilogue would have been nice. If you are in a mood for something easy flowing and not too much drama, Just Fine With Caroline might your read.

Copy provided by William Morrow

3 Stars

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