Saturday, October 1, 2016

Audiobook Review: Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Sometime last week I finished listening Susan Elizabeth Phillips Lady Be Good. Of course it was a pretty good listen. I mean you have SEP and reading her book Anna Fields. Which is the reason I totally bought this book, because of the pairing. I love how you can jump into SEP book not worry too much about the previous book if you hadn't gotten a chance to read it. Yes, there are some characters from the previous books, but the story focuses more on Lady Emma Wells-Finch and Kenny Traveler with a secondary-ish romance between Tori and Dexter.

Basically, we have Lady Emma coming to the states to do some research and to tarnish her good name. If she's able to tarnish her good name she won't look like a good marriage option for the Duke of I can't remember his name. Anyway, he's a pompous wind bag, who's so arrogant. She's been matched up with Kenny Traveler.

Now Kenny is the bad boy of golf, who has found himself in a serious pickle. He's need a little help to get back on the tour, so he's willing to do anything. Which he finds himself the caretaker of Lady Emma. One of Kenny's problem he's kind of lazy, and doesn't care what others say about him, or at least that is the impression he gives. I mean he's not going to go out of his way to change the public persona.

In Lady Be Good SEP brings together to very unlikely people. At first they drive each nuts by being themselves. However, things beginning to heat up between the two them. At the same time Lady Emma can't seem to drop her good name, no matter how hard she tries. Some of her antics are outrageous and hilarious. Yes, this story will have you laughing as you watch Lady Emma trying to ruin her good name while Kenny tries to keep her good name after all he has a lot at stake. Also you get to know the good people of Wynette and the Traveler family. Boy they are an interesting bunch.

Overall, an entertaining listen. The pairing of SEP and Anna Fields are something not to be missed. I love how Anna does a great job with the characters. I was a little worry, because of some of the characters being British. When she did the pompous windbag I had nothing to worry. If you are in need of some crazy antics, you might give Lady Be Good a try.

4 Stars

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