Thursday, June 12, 2014

Romancing the Rumrunner by Michelle McLean

When I started Romancing the Rumrunner by Michelle McLean, I was a little worry. I know I say that often, but I felt it was a little at the beginning. At the same time I was curious on how the story was go. I guess you can say I was sucked in. Of course, that's a good thing.

Anyway, I love the idea of the story's setting taking place in Chicago in the 1920s. I mean a lot is going on during that time. You have gangsters, prohibition, and all the other stuff that's associated with the 1920s. So, that's what really draw me to the story.

In Romancing the Rumrunner, we meet Jessica Harlan (Jessie) whose trying to keep things afloat, but it's a tad bit difficult. After all she has a thug wanting his payment, because her father took a loan. She's left with a butcher shop that's barely meeting her needs, so she decides to open a speakeasy until everything is back in the black. However, a couple problems: the feds and other club owners.

Next we meet Anthony Solomn (Tony). Now Tony use to be a detective until one incident, which caused him to get blackball. Now he's a private investigator, but he has a chance for redemption if he's able to catch the person named Phoenix, and his only lead is Jessie.

I actually enjoyed the story, because both characters don't really trust one another. Of course their trust issues stem from previous relationships. Gotta love that. I liked both characters. Both of them have good hearts. Tony lives with the guilt from the past and he figures finding the rumrunner is a good start to fix his life. Jessie trying to make ends meet and keep her head afloat. I like that she's not simpering. She has a pretty good on her shoulder. All in all Romancing the Rumrunner is a pretty good read. I like that it's takes place in the 20s, you have a little romance and danger.

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