Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines by Codi Gary

Yes, I wanted to read Codi Gary's Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines for the cover. I know that is the wrong reason to want to read a book, but I really love the tattoo art on heroines arm. Second it had Marines in the title. Come on you know Marines are hot. Anyway, those are main reason. Good thing I enjoyed the book too.

So, Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines is about one of the infamous Willis sisters. Yes, they are bad news in Rock Canyon. The story focuses on Valerie and I do hope her sisters get their own stories. However, that might not happen, back to Valerie. So, Val has been laying low after all she just got out of a marriage to man who was like her father. Let me just say her father is a scumbag politician. Yes, there are few of them out there that want to make the world a better place. Not him, he's out for himself and he will use any method he can even if calls for using his daughters as pawns in his political schemes. Serious I wanted to choked the guy. Enough about her father. Anyway, she needs to tow the line or risk having her younger sister lose everything. Basically, Val goes on this matchmaking retreat for her father, but ends up seeing Justin Silverton. So, Val needs to make a choice follow her fathers edict or her own.

I enjoyed Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines, because it was just a fun read. Yes, you have Val's father who plays an integral part in the story. Val is know as the bad girl, but it's more of an act of rebellion against her father's tight reins on her life. Poor Justin is kind of stuck in the middle of all this. Val's father has extreme hatred towards Justin and his family and you learn the reason as the story progress. I liked Justin, because he was willing to fight for what could be with Valerie. Some people might not like Valerie, because gives off these mix signal towards Justin. A lot of that has to deal with her insecurity, and fear what her ex-husband said was true.

Overall, I really did enjoyed the story. Justin won me over for a couple of reason. I felt bad for Valerie. I honestly, loved the sappy ending. Yes, the ending is sappy and I'm okay with it.

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