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Spellbound in Sleepy Hollow: A Von Tassel Sisters Anthology

After reading Spellbound in Sleep Hollow, I decided to change my format of my review. At first I was going to tell you about the individual stories. However, in this case I think I should focus on a whole. The anthology focuses on three sisters and their three aunties (they are dead relatives who can't go off into Summerlands). Each of the stories focuses on one sister and auntie, yet they are all have a common bond with the Headless Horseman.

In Bewitching Her Enemy by Patricia Eimer, we get a glimpse of Stephanie and Katarina. They are both the ones who started the mess between them all. Literally, both get them in some serious mess. While Katarina had her and the other aunties bound together  to their loves, Stephanie ends up getting herself,  her sisters, and the aunties needed to find their true love and get them to say that they love each other by All Hallow's Eve. If they do, they can avoid the fate of being tied to their home forever. This would be an easy task except they all have been hurt by the guys they are destine to be with. Oh joy. Then in the next story Under His Spell by Rosalie Lario, we get to know Brianna and Elizabeth. More things happen in this story and they one step closer to breaking the curse that Stephanie and Katarina inflicted on them all. The final story Hexing Her Ex by Boone Brux focuses more on Lexi and Cassandra. By the end everything gets wrapped up nicely. So, there you have stories all together. However, when broken down to the individual loves lives that are affected.

Bewitching Her Enemy:
Carson and Stephanie have a great relationship. Then Stephanie believes Carson cheated on her, so she dumps him. However, there's more that happens to it has to do with a certain witch's wedding. Katarina couldn't understand why Brom left her after he confess his love her. However, things happen and didn't end well with Katarina. Both, Brom and her had bitterness left from misunderstanding. By the end of this story, both couples have things sorted out.

I have to say, that this story was a great start to the anthology. I love how the author switched back and forth between Stephanie and Katarina's POV.

Under His Spell:
Brianna has always had a crush on Jason, but he never notice her crush. So, she just brushed off and decided it was for the best. After all he wasn't a wizard, a dud (non-magical person). However, things happen which makes her wonder if she was wrong not give Jason a chance. Of course there is a little conflict when his co-host tries to make a move on him. Nothing good can come of this. Then you have Elizabeth who didn't understand why Edward left, while in the process leaving ended up dead. She ended up with his brother and he was mad at her. Funny how they all have a misunderstanding.

Okay, this story wasn't as exciting as the first one or the last. However, it was still a good read. I do like how everything comes to light in the end and they all get their love.

Hexing Her Ex:
This one story held the key to everything. By the time we reach this story Stephanie, Brianna, Katarina, and Elizabeth all have fixed their relationships, we come to the challenge. Lexi isn't sure who she's going to find and there's the problem with Cassandra. Now Cassandra will not forgive Jacob, because she felt betrayed. One thing he goes and marries another and she ends up stoned to death. However, Cassandra does leave a mark on them. Now Lexi doesn't know what to do, she doesn't really want to end up with Tristan cause she believes he's a dud. However, he has a little secret.

This one was my favorite story and a lot has to do with Cassandra. She's a bit out there out of all the aunties. Lets go with spunk. This one story wraps everything together. Of course everyone has there HEA.

Overall, these ladies did a fantastic job in Spellbound in Sleepy Hollow. I absolutely love how the stories just flow well together. It shows that they really worked together on this anthology. I love how they tied in the twist of Legend of Sleepy Hollow to the story.

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