Thursday, June 19, 2014

Passionately Yours by Cara Elliott

I have finally finished The Hellions of High Street books. I must say that I have been anxious to read Caro Sloane's story for a while. Granted Passionately Yours has been out for a little while, I just got a little wrapped up with other things. However, I decided that I wanted to read this story this past week.

Anyway, Caro is the baby of the family and she finally got her season. However, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Now rusticating in Bath, while her mother takes the therapeutic waters Caro seems to attract trouble. The precocious young lady seems to attract trouble and this time it's not from her own doing. Oh no, it seems like trouble comes in a form of a brooding Scot she met back in Sinfully Yours, Alec McClellan. If she couldn't get enough of Alec, it seems she has made a friend out of his half sister.

All right, if you had read Sinfully Yours you would remember Caro and Alec didn't always see eye to eye. However, they did share some common ground, but just not enough. Plus, Caro always felt like Alec found something to nit pick about her. I would compare it to when a little boy likes a girl, but doesn't want anyone to know so he picks on the girl. I think it was Alec's way of saying he liked her. I liked the heated discussion between the two of them. It was like one trying to prove the other one was right. I like how they balanced each other out. For instance, Caro tends to be a bit impulsive while Alec is a little more staid. I liked how Cara carried over the beginning drama from the last book into the final story.

Overall, I think Caro and Alec story is my favorite in the series. You have these two characters like bitting one another head off, so they had that chemistry between them. You have drama dragged down to quiet Bath. Yes, Passionately Yours is a pretty good read. However, I would strongly recommending reading the previous books in the series before diving into Passionately Yours.

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