Saturday, January 11, 2014

Falling for her Soldier by Ophelia London

I finished Falling for her Soldier by Ophelia London and I must say that I wasn't let down. This story has everything that makes a Bliss story bliss.

Anyway, Ellie Bell has given up being with men for a year and she's approaching the year mark when she meets Charlie Johannson. However, she doesn't know it's Charlie, because when finally meets him face to face he's introduce to her as Hunter. Charlie use to be a big player, but after the last deployment something happen that changed him and he no longer wanted to be know as Mr. Big Game Hunter. Now Charlie is trying to win Ellie as Hunter. He actually wants to tell her the truth, but he was given bad advice so keeps up the Hunter act.

I found Falling for her Soldier delightful. It was fun to watch Charlie try to get Ellie to look at him as a decent guy than Mr. Big Game Hunter. Some of the things Charlie did for Ellie were really sweet. Even help her stay true to her goal. I love how he tries to do the honorable thing. However, I was waiting when when the Charlie/Hunter secret was going to happen, because it was bound to happen when he wasn't prepare. Overall, a heart melting good read. So, if you are looking for that feel good story, you might want to read Falling for her Soldier.

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