Friday, November 15, 2013

Stranded with a Hero (Christmas Anthology)

In Stranded with a Hero, we have four authors that are showcasing a Christmas novella that coordinate with there Bliss series books. So, let get started.

Loving Mindy
Karen Erickson

This novella is part of the A Lone Pine Lake stories. In the previous books you actually meet Mindy, and she's stuck in a pretty crappy marriage. By the time we get to Loving Mindy, Mindy is divorce from the douche bag Marty. Now she's spending Christmas alone, because Marty is too selfish to give Mindy the kids for Christmas.

I really liked the story, because I felt bad for Mindy in the previous stories and I just wanted her happy. Now she gets her happy-ever-after in this story. I like Josh Powers, because he's always had a soft spot for Mindy and he was willing to take a chance even if he might get shot down again. So, getting stranded in a home can be a good thing. At least it worked for Josh and Mindy. I personally would like a part two to their story.

White-Hot Holiday
Coleen Kwan

This story is part of Coleen's Real Men stories. Aaron Cade has a really crappy attitude towards Christmas, I would even say it borderlines Scrooge like qualities. Basically, he goes down to Australia for a few days before heading to his folks house. He ends delayed a little longer. In my opinion doesn't sound bad at all. While he's there he meets his friend's niece Naomi Spencer who has sworn off men. We all know how well this works in the end.

Anyway, I really liked this story, because we watch Aaron rediscover that Christmas isn't all that bad and with the right girl you would do anything for her. I love how these two have chemistry, but try to stay away from each other. Honestly, I loved this novella, it had a conclusion. It was complete mini story. Yes, it was a quick read, but I believe Coleen tied it up real nicely and I don't have to wish for another story to see what happens next. So, this made me very happy.

An Officer and a Rebel
Cindi Madsen

All right, I really enjoyed the story and thought this was super cute. Here's why: You have Nate Walsh a local sheriff who finds Kelsey Cooper and basically offers her a place to stay. Back in the day Kelsey dated Nate's younger brother, which marks her off limits. Of course, he kind of had feelings for her and he might still have feelings. Not that would be awkward or anything. However, they end up snowbound for a couple of days. Yes, an enjoyable read and pretty sweet story.

Saving the Sheriff
Roxanne Snopek

This happens to be my favorite story out all of them. I have read all of Three River Ranch stories and I couldn't remember a Sheriff Red LeClair. I even went back to see if he was in the other stories, by the way he's not, so if you haven't read any of the other stories you would be fine just reading this story as a stand alone novella. So, Roxanne introduces a couple of new characters that develop a budding romance while stuck in a blizzard. First off, Red and Frankie's story had me cracking up. You have Red who is basically picking up the pieces from his divorce and he meets Frankie who is like the eternal optimist. She is bubbling over with happy vibes and she's not going to let any get her down even the grumpy sheriff. Plus, there are quite of bit one liners in the story that had me in a stitch. This story will leave with that warm fuzzy feeling.

Overall, these ladies did a fantastic job with these novellas and they fit in well with their current series that coordinate. This would be a great way to sample each of their Bliss stories. As always, these stories  will leave you with that happy endings and warm fuzzy feelings. So, if you are looking for that heart warming holiday read, you might want to checkout Stranded with a Hero.

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