Friday, September 28, 2012

Rules of Negotiation by Inara Scott

I feel so accomplish lately, I have been able to get to read some great books lately. So, todays selection is Rules of Negotiation by Inara Scott. Let me tell you this book was fun. Here is what the story is about:

We have a workaholic lawyer by the name of Tori Anderson, who has six rules she follows when she negotiates which are:

1. Beware of sexy CEOs bearing favorable contracts (I have to agree with that one)
2. Assume nothing (good advice)
3. When in doubt attack
4. A good attorney is always prepare (kinda like the Boy Scouts motto)
5. Never let them see you sweat
6. When you're offered the deal of a lifetime, smile

All those are very good rules to follow, somehow they get thrown out the window when she comes across Brit Bencher. Now he's a guy who is oozing of charm and sex appeal, who wouldn't swoon over that. Plus, they don't call him The Slayer for nothing.

Brit did some research on Tori and found out that she represents a very important person, Garth Solen. Which would be fabulous if he could get his sister Melissa a job working at Solen Labs. All he needs is Tori's help. However, he goes about it the wrong way.

Now the question are: will Brit be able to fix the blunder or will he not get a chance? Can his charm save the day or is he just out of luck there?

My thoughts: Loved it! I mean first off you gotta love when the hero has a nickname, especially when it's "The Slayer." That's just fabulous! Second of you have to appreciate a strong will women who isn't so easily charm by a handsome devil of a man and is willing to stand her ground. However, that could be a disadvantage at the same time. However, you come to understand why Tori has built up these walls. Life can be pretty jacked up, but its how you handle them that will make or break you. So, I hope you get a chance to check out this book, because it's a lot of fun. You know you want to read about a guy with the nickname of "The Slayer."

So, see ya next time and happy reading.

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