Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Temporary Bride by Marquita Valentine (Review)

Early this week I read the The Temporary Bride by Marquita Valentine. Let me say that I adore Haven and Heath, and I kind of figured they would end up together. Yes, there has been animosity between these two characters for sometime, but you know it was bond to happen. Seriously, there are two things that either happen when two characters despised one another: 1) They kill each other or 2) Love each other. Obviously we are dealing with the latter.

Anyway, Heath is heart-broken because the love of his life has decided to marry another. Oh poor Heath. Now Haven has no intentions on getting married, but good old grandma decided to have other plans. Gotta love when grandparents mess with grandchildren's lives. Basically, Haven needs to marry someone in order to keep her home, and of course you can guess the lucky candidate.

All right, I adore Haven, because she's just as cuddly as a porcupine. However, one of her friends sees through her spiky persona.
You don't have me fooled. You're like a chocolate truffle. All hard and pretty on the outside, but on the're a gooey mess of sweetness.
Truly Haven is a gooey mess, but no one ever took the time to get to know her. So, she keeps the tough exterior, and actually you learn a little more about Haven. Kind of heart breaking. Then you have Heath who is loved by everyone.

I enjoyed the The Temporary Bride, because we got to see Haven in a different light. Plus, deep down Haven and Heath are good match. Plus, you got to love there initials HA HA. Gotta love a cheesy joke. A sweet quick story about two people who despise one another that turns to love.

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