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Tasty Book Tours Spotlight + Review + Giveaway: All of Me by Jennifer Bernard

All of Me
Love Between the Bases # 1
By: Jennifer Bernard
Releasing May 26th, 2015


Jennifer Bernard, the USA Today bestselling author of the Bachelor Firemen series, scores another homerun with a brand-new series about sexy, single baseball players.

Playing for the Kilby Catfish is hotshot pitcher Caleb Hart’s last chance to salvage his career after a major league meltdown. But the day of his opener with the minor league team, Caleb strikes out with the gorgeous woman who is delivering a petition to run the unruly Catfish out of town. Now to stay in the lineup, Caleb will need to score big with the feisty brunette he can’t keep out of his thoughts.

After the nasty lies Sadie Merritt’s rich ex-boyfriend spread about her all over town, she’s lucky to have a job at all. She can’t afford to screw it up by falling for the player who is supposed to be helping her change the image of the fun-loving Catfish. But that’s easier said than done when Caleb’s voice alone is enough to make her pulse race. And when he surprises her with a mind-blowing kiss, she knows there’s no turning back.

My Thoughts:
I think the best way to go about this is to mention the key players of All of Me.  All right here's our lineup (LOL. Sorry, I just had to do it):

Sadie Merritt- the heroine. The Mayor's go to girl and is the liaison between the Mayor and the Catfish. The most of Kilby believes she's a slut thanks to the most prominent family in town, the Wades. However, she has ambitions to become a lawyer. 
Caleb Hart- The hot shot new pitcher who is having a bit of a mental block due to family issues. Which is hinder his pitching abilities. He also has the hots for Sadie.  
Brenda Merritt- A bit out of touch of reality. I don't know how many of you guys have seen The Water with Adam Sandler. Anyway, Kathy Bates played Sandler's mother in that movie. Well, Brenda reminded me a lot of Mrs. Boucher. One of the main things his mother would say "_______ is of devil," so whenever we saw Brenda she would basically say, "Boys are evil and will hurt you anyway." They are kind of similar on there overprotectiveness. 
"Bingo" Hartwell- Caleb's father. Ex-con. 
The Wades- a prominent family in Kilby. Ex-boyfriend Hamilton is a dog. Horrible. You just have to lump all the Wades together. 
Other characters that are fairly important:
Mayor Trent- Brenda's friend and Sadie's boss. 
The Catfish Players- another group to lump together. Bunch of hooligan players, but they will stand for what is right. 

So, these are the characters are pretty important to All of Me. As I was reading the story, I went through a lot emotions. I had my ups and downs and times of frustrations. However, by the end I was satisfy with the outcome. Anyway, we have Sadie trying to survive the small town mentality and live her life. However, she wasn't living her life. Sadie was a shadow of her former self, and she didn't start becoming whole until Caleb. Actually there was a lot of growth from Sadie, which is probably why I got frustrated with her character halfway through the story. One of issues was she wasn't forthcoming about the past. Honestly, the past wasn't her fault but a vindictive ex-boyfriend. So, Hamilton's actions haunt her through most of the book. There came a time where I was bawling. I had to pause, because when it rains it pours. I was thinking good lord is anything going to go right for Sadie. 

Sadie wasn't the only one having problems. Caleb was having some major issues in his life which was hindering his playing abilities. Caleb is trying to keep his siblings safe and at the same time keep his father at arms length. After all his father just released from prison, and there is the huge trust issue between them.

Both, Caleb and Sadie start to open up to one another and start to get to know one another. They have to learn to trust one another with each others secret. Caleb started to open up before Sadie. I had a hard time with Sadie at first, because she didn't want to share her embarrassing past. When I finally go the full extent of the issue, I felt bad for Sadie. I was thinking we need to get the heck out of dodge and don't look back. However, she needed to make sure mother could handle her being gone. I thought her mother and her relationship was toxic. Fortunately, everything work itself out. I have to be vague here about that.

Overall, I was everywhere in All of Me. There were funny, sad, and slow times. However, it was story worth the time. I adore Caleb and Sadie. Both of them had vulnerabilities, but they both have a protectiveness over the ones they care about. I can't wait to see what happens in this small town of Kilby and there Catfish.

Copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss. 

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Author Info
Jennifer Bernard is the USA Today bestselling author of the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriels series. She is a graduate of Harvard and a former news promo producer. The child of academics, she confounded her family by preferring romance novels to … well, any other books. She left big city life for true love in Alaska, where she now lives with her husband and stepdaughters. She’s no stranger to book success, as she also writes erotic novellas under a naughty secret name not to be mentioned at family gatherings.

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