Saturday, May 23, 2015

Protective Instinct by Katie Reus (Review)

Okay, I got a chance to read Protective Instinct by Katie Reus. This story is part of the Moon Shifter series. Basically, this is Teresa and Ryan's story. We are going to recap what happen from Hunter Reborn (not really). Here we go:

Natalie (Teresa's sister) kills a vampire that was pretty important.  All is forgiven, because it was in self defense. We also find out that Ryan is empathic shifter, so when he finds his mate he can bond with her before the full moon. Basically, even having sex before either party is ready to bond can cause a bond. So, Ryan wants to give Teresa the choice to bond with him. That is super short recap on Hunter Reborn.

Now we are jumping ahead to the actual story that we need to focus on Protective Instinct. Now Teresa wants to bond with Ryan, but Ryan wants to make sure truly wants. After all his parents accidentally bonded while having sex. See wants to give Teresa a choice, but it's driving Teresa bonkers. Poor Ryan he's trying to be noble, but at the same time hurting Teresa. During this story we see them trying to figure things out. Of course we have a problem, that stems back to Natalie killing a vampire. All was not forgiven, and now they have to deal with the aftermath.

Okay, Protective Instinct is a fairly quick read that gives us a chance to see Ryan and Teresa get together. With all that heat that was passing through them in Hunter Reborn it was about time for them to get together. Of course it can't be all easy for them there has to be a little conflict that might endanger the couple and we find it. Overall, it was pretty good read gives a chance to see these guys get together. At times, I felt bad for Ryan, because he just made it harder on himself. If you have been wanting Teresa and Ryan to get together, your wish has been answer.

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  1. I haven't read this series yet...but after reading your thoughts on this one,,,I really want to I love those shifters.

  2. Hey Renee, the series is pretty good and I would recommend starting from the beginning. I started in the middle and playing catchup. However, this story is just a loose end story, because the rest of the series is published with the publisher while this one is not. If that makes any sense. I believe there is suppose to be a few more stories to this series, but don't quote me on that.

  3. Nice review. I want to try her Romantic Suspense series first.

  4. Thank you. I love her Deadly Ops series. Plus, the heroes are so drool worthy.