Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Billionaire Bride by Marquita Valentine (Review)

All right, I was lucky enough to get a copy of Marquita Valentine's latest release The Billionaire Bride. If you have read any of Marquita's books you would know they are all interconnected to one another. So, you would remember Kate Von  Lichtenstein (man that's a mouthful), she was Sebastien's friend who had a crush on him. However, he didn't reciprocate the feelings. At the beginning of the story she's feeling sad, lonely, and depress because the "love" of her life was marrying another. Obviously, he wasn't the love her life. Anyway, Noah sweeps her away from the wedding, and this is where it gets interesting. Nothing like getting an indecent proposal. She basically offers him money to marry her, so she doesn't have to fend off the gold diggers.

Okay, I liked The Billionaire Bride. It was a fairly quick read. We get to see Kate in a different light and see her true vulnerabilities. Watch her leave the comforts that she's accustom, and learn to trust Noah. I adore Noah. He's such a great guy. Even though he marries Kate for the money in a sense. However, he shows that he is a true standup guy in the story. Yes, he has a bit of work cut out when he's trying to prove this to Kate, but I think he does a marvelous job. Those who enjoy Marquita's previous stories will enjoy The Billionaire Bride.

Copy provided by author.

4 Stars

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