Monday, December 2, 2013

Bringing Home the Bachelor by Sarah M. Anderson

So, I finished Bringing Home the Bachelor by Sarah M. Anderson. This is the second book in The Bolton Brothers series. I must say that I pretty much fell in love with Billy. Trust me I don't normally go for the big burly scary hero types. However, I think I have a soft spot for Billy. So, let's get on with my thoughts.

So, we get to know the oldest Bolton brother, Wild Bill Bolton. However, Billy has put aside the wild from his name, but people still see him as that big scary guy. Yes, Billy is a bit intimidating, but he does have a good heart. Don't tell anyone he wants that to stay a secret. While Ben is the logical one and Bobby is the charming one, Billy isn't anything like that. Billy is Billy and there is no other way to describe him. At times he wish he could be more like his brothers, especially when it comes to women. One woman he has in mind is Jenny Wawasuck. Jenny is a single mom doing the best that she can. Yes, at times she wish she could be more like other women, but she deals with what she has been dealt with.

Billy would give anything to have a shot with Jenny, because women like Jenny don't normally go after men like Billy. Jenny has the same thoughts. However, Jenny starts to see the softer side of Billy when he's around her son, and is willing to take a chance on him.

I really liked this story, because you see big bad Billy Bolton in a different light a more vulnerable light. A lot has to do with his past. Jenny has pretty much the same insecurities, but she tends to use her son as her shield. So, you see these two people trying to overcome these insecurities to find love. I love it and it's pretty good story. I'm really surprised on how much I really loved Billy. Granted he does have a scary side, but I think he uses that has his shield. Overall, I found Bringing Home the Bachelor an excellent read. I personally think most people will actually fall in love with Billy. So, if you are looking for a pretty good read, you might want to Bringing Home the Bachelor.

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  1. Oh, I loved Billy's story, it was my favorite of the entire series! :) I look forward to your thoughts on the last brother's book. . . I had a hard time liking it.